Debates over LGBT rights are often simplified as gays versus religious people. But studies show that gay people are religious, too, and there is a growing movement of progressive faiths that support our full equality. Our Faith & Religion issue introduces you to some of our closest religious allies, as well as our worst religious enemies, and offers plenty of resources for your spiritual journey.

The new print edition also includes Atlanta Pride’s decision to remain in October, on a weekend that conflicts with a major Jewish holiday; an update on the ongoing fallout from the Atlanta Eagle raid, including a fired prosecutor and suspended police investigator; the latest shenanigans from anti-gay Ga. State Rep. Bobby Franklin, and much more.

Of course, you also get our “Best Bets” events for the next two weeks; “Outspoken,” the most outrageous recent quotes on LGBT issues; and “Domestically Disturbed,” columnist Topher Payne’s ongoing look at the triumphs and challenges of work, friendship, and gay married life. In this edition, find out what happens at Topher’s house when the lights go out each night.

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