Kevin Spacey to face three new claims of sexual assault

Disgraced actor Kevin Spacey, 58, is being investigated for three new claims of sexual assault, several sources have reported.

The Metropolitan Police of London are said to be looking into the charges against the actor. Spacey has been accused of aggressive sexual assault by several parties. The alleged offenses came to light as part of the wider #MeToo movement which rocked the entertainment industry in 2017.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, “Between February and April of this year, police received allegations that the American actor sexually assaulted men in London and Gloucester. This brings the number of claims against Spacey being investigated by London police to six – five complaints of sexual assault and one of assault.

“The police have not confirmed the name of the person being investigated. Two of the latest allegations are said to have occurred in London – Westminster (1996) and Lambeth (2008) – and the third in Gloucester (2013).”

The first charge against Spacey was leveled in November of last year.

The actor Anthony Rapp told the public that Spacey had sexually assaulted him in 1986, when Rapp was a youth. Shortly after Rapp’s story hit airwaves, other accusations followed.

Roberto Cavazos, actor, said he’d had a similar experience, as did professional filmmaker Tony Montana, as did Harry Dreyfuss, son of Richard Dreyfuss. By November 7, there were fifteen accusers. Guy Pearce recently said he’d had to fend off Spacey’s advances.

This was compounded by additional accusations, including members of the House of Cards crew, a London bartender, and a yet-to-be-named person who said that Spacey had raped him when he was a teenager.