Moonlight Coming to Netflix

Oscar-winner Moonlight is coming to Netflix in May.

The winner for 2016 Best Picture is now available to watch on Amazon Prime, but can be watched on Netflix come May 21, according to Twitter account @strongblacklead, the account for a podcast of the same name from Netflix that honors “the best of black Hollywood.”

The coming-of-age film follows the story of a black gay man, Chiron – portrayed in different stages of his life by child actor Alex Hibbert, 23-year-old Ashton Sanders, and 29-year-old Trevante Rhodes – struggling with his sexuality in Miami, Florida.

Not only did the film snag Best Picture, but also Best Adapted Screenplay. Mahershala Ali, who portrayed young Chiron’s confidant Juan, also took home Best Supporting Actor.

Moonlight is one of the highest-grossing LGBTQ films of the last 15 years, making $63.3 million at the global box office.