New Teaser Trailer of The Addams Family Includes Adorable Pro-LGBTQ Message

The first trailer of the new animated family-friendly The Addams Family was released on Tuesday (April 9) and included an adorable pro-LGBTQ message.

The creepy and kooky trailer begins with a simple animation of the nuclear family: a mother, a father, and three children. “This is an average American family,” the trailer says.

Screenshot via YouTube

But then animations of families with two dads and two moms are also shown while the narrator says, “and so are these.”

Screenshot via YouTube
Screenshot via YouTube









Families with interracial parents and a single dad are portrayed as average American families, as well.

“Every family is different,” the narrator continues, “but some families are more different than others,” referring to the Addams family.

Q. Allan Brocka, a writer of gay films, celebrated the trailer on Twitter, saying he “loved” the inclusion.

Other users were also excited about the inclusion of rainbow families in a trailer for a family-friendly movie.

The film follows the dark and iconic family as they plan a family reunion. However, their plans derail as a scheming reality TV host, played by Oscar winner Allison Janney, wants to make the family famous. The movie touts a star-studded cast of voices, including Charlize Theron as Morticia, Oscar Isaac as Gomez, and Chloe Grace Moretz as Wednesday.

You can see The Addams Family in theaters on October 11.