Sparkle Hooves guides you to the gayest things about Dragon*Con, hunty

Labor Day weekend in Atlanta is packed with tons of stuff to do and one of the most popular and incredible, attracting tens and tens of thousands of people dressed in their fantasy best during Dragon*Con.

And while the parade is already over, there’s plenty of more to ogle at the rest of the weekend. Take a quick gander at what to expect with Sparkle Hooves, decked out in a very queer outfit, who is ready to take on Dragon*Con from top to bottom.

This short clip is written, filmed and voiced by Eddie Ray and animated by Tori Cook, both of Atlanta. Look for more Sparkle Hooves to come at Halloween and Atlanta Pride in October.

And, yes, this is NSFW.

Sparkle Hooves: Dragon Con Is Here! from Ebola Entertainment on Vimeo.