[Video] ‘Drag Race’ winner Tyra Sanchez, gay filmmaker work toward new documentary

The glitz on camera and the complicated backstory behind it caught Flóki’s eye, but he says he wants to make the film for reasons that speak to the LGBT family movement:

As filmmakers, we feel a need to break down the idea that some parents are somehow better than others because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. We think it’s important to show those who hold prejudices against LGBT families that these things do not define what makes a good parent… Love and dedication to your child defies all labels. We’ve seen James and Jeremiah together, and the sweet nature of their relationship. We want to bring that relationship to the screen.

Flóki launched a Kickstarter campaign on July 2 to raise $16,000 by July 27 so he and a film crew can travel to Atlanta to film Ross and Jeremiah at home. The funds cover everything from equipment to editing and marketing. As of July 19, the campaign raised $9,057 through more than 200 contributions.

No word on whether Ross’ 2011 arrest in Gwinnett County will be discussed in the film.

Photo: James Ross as Tyra Sanchez with his son, Jeremiah. (Photo via dragdad.com)

Drag Dad – A Documentary Film (Teaser) from Björn Flóki on Vimeo.