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Go Out 2 Eat tonight

AID Atlanta hosts monthly gathering tonight at Mexican favorite Las Margarita's

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Gay favorite Radial Café enters new era

Philip Palmer is moving to London at the end of the year and recently sold his restaurant, Radial Café, to Frank Bragg

Eleven years ago, Philip Palmer opened up Radial Café as a small restaurant that has thrived with its delicious menu and strong support of the LGBT community as well as other local groups.

But at the end of December, Palmer begins a new chapter in his life when he moves to London to be with his partner, Allen Roberson, who recently found a job there after earning an MBA from Emory.

“He’s been here his entire life, I’ve been here 15 years, so we knew it was definitely time for something different,” Palmer says while seated on the patio of Radial Café on DeKalb Avenue.

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Don’t be afraid to venture beyond I-285 for great dining

Crepe Revolution

In the ‘70s and ’80s, all the gays and lesbians in the city lived inside the Perimeter. As an Atlanta native I’ve seen everything change. Now we are everywhere, and I’m so tired of this “I don’t do OTP” because there are plenty of delicious OTP chef-driven restaurants.

Here are some noteworthy places worth venturing close to or even beyond the circle of Interstate 285. The scene is mainly straight but most Atlanta restaurants couldn’t care less about your sexual orientation so long as you are polite and tip well. Plus everyone knows if you attract the gays the place must be good.

There are so many fabulous restaurants in Vinings, but did you know there was a revolution? Try something different and head to Crepe Revolution in the charming West Village development. The restaurant serves fabulous sweet and savory crepes. We had a blast with our gay waiter on the beautiful patio with its scenic view, which is not on a busy street like many ITP places. The interior is modern chic.

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The best on Tap

What a great Pride that was! My partner and I exchanged vows at the group commitment ceremony and had our reception at Tap, the chef-driven Gastropub by the same people who own One Midtown Kitchen and Two Urban Licks.

I’ve always had congenial, efficient service here. Tap had Pride flags flying outside of their people-watching patio. It’s a mixed scene. The inside has a cool postmodern décor with high ceilings, three levels and a nice view from the third level.

I started with the Buffalo calamari, which is the wing’s gay cousin drizzled with wing sauce and tossed with rich chunks of bleu cheese.  It was followed by the juicy Pub burger seared on a flat top with American cheese and on a crispy English muffin with scratch made fries. The best part was the shot of chocolate shake served with it.