Geek out with this Dragon Con costume and parade photo gallery

Dragon Con has always held a special place in the hearts of the LGBT community, and this year's event did nothing to lessen that. Check out our collection of all the bold, creative, funny and downright sexy costumes spotted at Saturday's parade and throughout the weekend.

(Photos by Kenneth Hatchett)

IMG_5734 (1024x683) IMG_5740 (1024x683)IMG_5841 (1024x683)IMG_5882 (1024x683) IMG_5886 (1024x683)IMG_5932 (1024x683)IMG_5951 (1024x683)IMG_5991 (1024x683)IMG_6011 (1024x683)IMG_6039 (1024x683) IMG_6048 (1024x683)IMG_6071 (1024x683) IMG_6081 (1024x683)IMG_6094 (1024x683) IMG_6097 (1024x683) IMG_6101 (1024x683) IMG_6105 (1024x683)IMG_6116 (1024x683)IMG_6216 (1024x683)IMG_6226 (1024x683) IMG_6229 (1024x683) IMG_6236 (1024x683) IMG_6269 (1024x683)IMG_6320 (1024x683)IMG_6337 (1024x683) IMG_6342 (1024x683) IMG_6352 (1024x683) IMG_6354 (1024x683) IMG_6360 (1024x683)IMG_6383 (1024x683)IMG_6395 (1024x683) IMG_6405 (1024x683) IMG_6408 (1024x683) IMG_6413 (1024x683) IMG_6421 (1024x683) IMG_6427 (1024x683) IMG_6438 (1024x683) IMG_6462 (1024x683)IMG_6495 (1024x683) IMG_6515 (1024x683) IMG_6519 (1024x683) IMG_6522 (1024x683) IMG_6525 (1024x683)IMG_6533 (1024x683) IMG_6539 (1024x683) IMG_6558 (1024x683) IMG_6562 (1024x683) IMG_6570 (1024x683) IMG_6579 (1024x683) IMG_6614 (1024x683)IMG_6632 (1024x683)IMG_6648 (1024x683)IMG_6673 (1024x683) IMG_6681 (1024x683) IMG_6692 (1024x683) IMG_6700 (1024x683) IMG_6705 (1024x683) IMG_6708 (1024x683) IMG_6714 (1024x683) IMG_6720 (1024x683) IMG_6726 (1024x683) IMG_6730 (1024x683) IMG_6731 (1024x683) IMG_6741 (1024x683) IMG_6747 (1024x683) IMG_6752 (1024x683)IMG_6763 (1024x683) IMG_6764 (1024x683) IMG_6774 (1024x683) IMG_6788 (1024x683) IMG_6789 (1024x683) IMG_6796 (1024x683)IMG_6800 (1024x683) IMG_6803 (1024x683)IMG_6813 (1024x683) IMG_6830 (1024x683) IMG_6840 (1024x683) IMG_6843 (1024x683)IMG_6857 (1024x683) IMG_6864 (1024x683) IMG_6868 (1024x683)IMG_6900 (1024x683) IMG_6914 (1024x683) IMG_6926 (1024x683) IMG_6939 (1024x683)IMG_6975 (1024x683) IMG_6977 (1024x683) IMG_6999 (1024x683) IMG_7016 (1024x683)IMG_7109 (1024x683) IMG_7114 (1024x683)IMG_7137 (1024x683) IMG_7144 (1024x683) IMG_7147 (1024x683)IMG_7171 (1024x683)IMG_7187 (1024x683) IMG_7195 (1024x683)IMG_7530 (1024x683)IMG_7544 (1024x683) IMG_7549 (1024x683)IMG_7555 (1024x683) IMG_7565 (1024x683)IMG_7587 (1024x683) IMG_7599 (1024x683) IMG_7605 (1024x683) IMG_7624 (1024x683) IMG_7630 (1024x683) IMG_7638 (1024x683)