Gifts for Your Special Someone(s)

A. Glossy Beach Micro Pouch 

This shiny, hot pink, itty bitty pouch is sure to turn heads at any party, pool or otherwise! While this gift might not be in use during the colder months, your sweetheart will surely appreciate it once summer rolls around. $44.99, Boy Next Door Menswear1000 Piedmont Ave. NE Ste. A;

B. Liberator Heart Wedge 

Amp up your sex life with this super soft heart wedge, perfectly contoured with a sweet incline for deeper penetration – while also doubling as an adorable decorative pillow! $84.95, Kiss and Ride;

483 Moreland Ave. NE;

C. Dried Valentine’s Flower Arrangement 

What’s better than giving your sweetie flowers for Valentine’s Day? Dried flowers – which last a year or longer! Each beautifully arranged bouquet from Black-owned florist Nourish Botanica is made of globe amaranth, lagarus, and milky oat in stunning reds, whites, and pinks. $40, Nourish Botanica1651 Pryor Road SW;

D. 2-Piece Heart Mugs with Saucers 

Make morning coffee with your cutie pie that much sweeter with these adorable heart mugs – one for you, one for them! $42, Le

E. Marabou Bra and Panty Set 

This adorable, fluffy-trimmed lingerie set is perfect for that special someone – and you can donate to Transgender Law Center during checkout, which queer-owned Babeland will match! $

F. Sportsheets Love Me Gentle Kit 

With silky restraints, a blindfold, and a heart-shaped paddle, this sweet and sexy bondage kit is the perfect gift to spice up your Valentine’s Day. $45Kiss and Ride