Good evening, America — Chloe Sevigny is ‘kooking’ this Thanksgiving

Actor Drew Droege and director Jim Hanson have added another fun video to their Chloe Sevigny series, this time Chloe tells us it has recently come to her attention that she enjoys “kooking” after being served a dish that included “deconstructed mouth.”

Her adventures in the kitchen include how she “furiously grabbed fistfuls of the water and threw them at the pot.”

Pot, pot.

And don’t forget to kiss the kook.

Droege, an openly gay actor and comedian who was born in South Carolina and raised in North Carolina, now lives in Los Angeles. In 2011, he was named an OUT Magazine Out 100. He’s also appeared on TV shows including “Hot in Cleveland,” “Key & Peele,” “How I Met Your Mother,” and “The Sarah Silverman Program.”