Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit Comes to Atlanta

Atlanta residents, prepare to be amazed! This spring, a never-before-seen exhibit makes its North American debut — Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience.


It’s an art experience like none other, promises John Zaller, President of Immersive Hub in Atlanta. It’s a 360-degree, immersive digital art experience created by European entertainment producer Exhibition Hub and presented by Immersive Hub, which allows visitors to take an incredible journey into the universe of artistic genius Vincent van Gogh.


Starting May 19, guests will be able to experience the art of Van Gogh like never before. More than 80,000 tickets have already sold for the Atlanta opening. Due to high demand for tickets, producers are adding additional time slots.


Zaller said when news broke that the Van Gogh Experience would be in Atlanta, he began receiving calls from all over the country from people who were interested in attending. His sister and her wife from Cleveland were among the many people who expressed interest, and Zaller has received calls from as far away as New Zealand.


The event will be at the historic Pullman Yards in Kirkwood. “It’s only fitting that one of Atlanta’s most historic landmarks be chosen to host the works of one of history’s greatest artists,” said Mario Iacampo, CEO of Exhibition Hub. “We wanted a beautiful, yet meaningful canvas for Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience. We have found it in Pullman Yards.”


“Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience perfectly aligns with our long-term vision for Pullman Yards to be a thriving arts-driven destination,” said Maureen Meulen, co-founder of Atomic Entertainment. “We’re excited to welcome visitors from across the Southeast to enjoy the rich history of Pullman Yards and to experience first-hand this wonderful digital art installation.”


In 2017, Atomic Entertainment made headlines when it was awarded The Pratt Pullman Yard development in Atlanta. The 27-acre historic site is likely to become one of Atlanta’s top entertainment districts.


Pullman Yards provides the perfect backdrop to the Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience. Zaller said visitors to the experience will get to walk along with Van Gogh — learn about his life and why he painted the way he did — thanks to digital projection technology. Cutting-edge 360-degree digital projections, a virtual reality experience, and a uniquely atmospheric light and sound spectacular fill a two-story, 20,000 square foot space.


The exhibit will open just in time for the summer, and although COVID-19 continues to linger, Zaller feels that the event, which is both family-friendly and COVID-safe, is the perfect activity for people looking for something safe and entertaining to do.


Although many people look to the summer as the perfect time to escape to overseas vacations or leave Georgia for other destinations, Zaller said that with COVID still halting some of these travels, the Van Gogh Experience would make the perfect replacement. “It’s a transformative experience right in their home city, and it is sure to rival any exotic destination they could think of,” he said.


“We believe there is a pent-up demand for immersive entertainment in a COVID-safe environment,” said Mario Iacampo, CEO of Exhibition Hub, in a press release. “As the world slowly returns to normal, Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience allows people to once again gather and enjoy art and entertainment in a safe, socially distanced manner.”


Visitors to Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience will be required to wear face masks at all times and must adhere to the CDC’s strict anti-COVID transmission protocols. Hand sanitizer stations will be available to visitors on-site.


Zaller says that visitors’ safety has been well thought out and prepared for even though the experience was in the works long before the COVID pandemic made its way around the world.


“This experience is built with social distancing in mind,” Zaller noted of the 20,000 square feet of Pullman Yards. “You can spread out. Everyone who comes will have the VIP treatment because of the immense space around them.”


The exhibit, while entertaining with its music and light accompaniment, will also be educational. “The Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience is perfect for visitors of all ages, and ideal for families looking to reunite and re-engage with arts and entertainment,” Zaller said.


Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience will run from May 19 to the end of 2021. Ticket prices range from $19.10 for Children to $32.20 for Adults. Follow Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience on Facebook and Instagram, and for more information, visit