If you look up ‘fabulous’ in Wikipedia, you’ll see a picture of Lendon Sadler. If that isn’t true, it should be.
When I first met Lendon, around 1968 in Atlanta, he also went by Babalu Bebe Mbutu. But just now, when I went back to read his pieces in The Great Speckled Bird, the underground paper we both wrote for, he has one byline as ‘lendon clark kent mbutu.’ (You can read his pieces by googling the Great Speckled Bird, GA State U. They have the whole paper digitized.)
Lendon was sexy and brilliant and knew more about organizing and nonviolence and music and alternative art and civil rights and other topics I craved than almost anyone.
Too soon he moved to San Francisco, but we stayed in touch ’cause my brother lived out there and they became friends. Lendon had a magic ability to be more radical than anything, yet make friends with anybody. We reconnected in his later Chicago years and he came and stayed with me a week three years ago. That was the last I saw Lendon, but my god, what a presence he was online! Sometimes I couldn’t keep up with his postings/repostings, but almost always I was amused, educated, seduced …
He has left us too soon. Good night, sweet prince. May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.


Gus Kaufman

Atlanta, GA

Lendon Sadler, 2-28-1951–11/24/17

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  1. Charles O'Donnell

    Lendon was my best friend since I met him in 198? We were unlikely friends. Me former Marine and VietNam Vet. Lendon was a true Hippy. All of a sudden phone calls stopped coming. Then his phone he had for years disconnected. God how I miss him. Too much to say. Good bye dear friend


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