Jamie Lee Curtis Supports Outing Closeted Anti-Gay Politicians

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis has said that she supports the outing of closeted politicians that fight against LGBTQ rights in a recent interview.

The Knives Out actress talked to Pride Source about the new film and which of her past characters she thought were queer—she says she played her role as school principal in Spare Parts as a lesbian, but never considered her most iconic character’s (Laurie Strode in Halloween) sexuality—when she brought up a discussion of the sexuality of public figures, including anti-LGBTQ lawmakers.

“I don’t think it’s anybody’s business what people’s sexuality is, to be perfectly honest,” she said. “I find it like a reverse discrimination.”

She was quick to add a caveat, however: “[Unless] you legislate anti-gay legislation but are gay—I fully accept outing those people for the hypocrisy.”

While Curtis is not gay herself—she’s been married to Best in Show filmmaker Christopher Guest since the ‘80s—she spoke on being an LGBTQ ally.

“You don’t have to have your own experience in order to feel compassion and the need for justice and equality,” Curtis said. “In the LGBTQ world, certainly I have friends and family, but I don’t have to have the direct experience in order to feel the compassion that I truly feel for acceptance and equality in all areas.”