UPDATED: Jane Lynch calls out Atlanta Pride over annual Aquarium party

Dan Matthews, a senior vice president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, published an opinion piece on Huffington Post after last year’s Kickoff Party, calling the event “a celebration of freedom in a building that celebrates captivity.”

At issue for Matthews, and now Lynch, aside from the animals being held in captivity, was the music playing during the event which Matthews wrote at the time “has further devastated the lives and psyches of these uniquely gifted animals.”

Aquarium officials have stated in the past that neither the event, nor the music played during, are harmful to the animals inside of the tanks.

UPDATE: On Friday, Atlanta Pride Board Chair Glen Paul Freedman said the organization stands by the party and the aquarium.

“The Atlanta Pride Committee defers to the Georgia Aquarium as they are the animal experts,” Freedman said. “We are in full support for this venue for the official opening night Pride kick off party and the Atlanta Pride VIP/Sponsor party as well as our continued strong partnership with the Georgia Aquarium.”

Read Lynch’s full letter below:


Top photo: Actress and comedian Jane Lynch (publicity photo)