Margaret Cho on what gay men love more than the Lord

As you may remember, “Cho Dependent” was filmed right here in Atlanta when she performed at The Tabernacle in December 

The film includes Cho singing the song “Best Friend Forever, Dick” with the full Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus backing her and, of course, some fantastic and hilarious commentary on gay people.

“She did a whole routine about Grindr, explaining, ‘Grindr is like a GPS for cock, as if it was a challenge for gay men to find cock; now there’s an app for that.’ She was sad there was no lesbian equivalent and ‘the closest thing we have is animal rescue,'” reported the SF Bay Times.

The paper also states, “She exhorted gay men not to stay in a religion that does not support gay sexuality, illustrating, ‘No matter how much you love the Lord, you will never love the Lord as much as you love cock. And no hymn will ever sound as good as balls slapping on your neck.'”

“Cho Dependent” is expected to be on TV in the fall, but which network is not yet known. Visit for more information.

For some more fun, check out this video Margaret made with lesbian twin sisters and music dynamos Tegan and Sara titled, “Intervention.”