Models Walk at New York Fashion Week for LGBTQ Mental Health

Saturday (February 9), models walked the runway of New York Fashion Week to raise money for LGBTQ mental health, reported Reuters.

The show was called #YOLO: You Only Live Once and was hosted by Supermodels Unlimited Magazine. All money raised from the show went to The Trevor Project, an organization that works to prevent suicide among LGBTQ youth.

“I think it’s really important and will help save lives,” said Trevor Project leader Amit Paley.

Suicide is a major problem facing LGBTQ youth. 29 percent of LGB youth attempted suicide in 2015, according to the CDC. In the same year, 6 percent of straight youth attempted suicide.

“As a society, we don’t talk about it,” said Kimberly Clark, the editor-in-chief at Supermodel Unlimited. “It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to not be okay. Let’s break the stigma.”

Some big names walked in the show, including America’s Next Top Model contestant Jeana Turner and fashion photographer and reality star Erika Baker – who’s walking to honor transgender soldiers. American Idol contestant Effie Passero closed the show.

All proceeds raised by the show will contribute to the Trevor Project’s daily operations, including emergency phone banks that youth considering suicide can call.