Elton John, Panic! At The Disco rock Music Midtown

Piedmont Park was the place to be this past weekend, and openly gay rock legend Elton John made sure the crowd knew it Friday night, opening with (what else?) “The Bitch Is Back” and following it with a two-hour hit parade.

The 68-year-old, who was clad in a black and gold sparkled get-up with the word “Fantastic” splashed across the back of his coat, constantly played to the crowd, standing, pointing and preening throughout the evening.

Meanwhile on Saturday evening, Panic! At The Disco rocked the park with a high energy set led by heartthrob Brendon Urie, who while married to a woman has talked openly about his past gay experiences. The group have been longtime LGBT allies and made headlines last year when they turned a Westboro Baptist Church protest at one of their shows into a Human Rights Campaign fundraiser.

Check out our pics from the show below!

(Photos by Patrick Saunders)

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