Goodbye, Christine and The Queens. Hello, Chris!

Gender. Is. Canceled.

Anyone halfway familiar with French singer Héloïse Letissier knows she’s an uber-progressive (and massively talented) singer-songwriter with no qualms about gender-bending. Not only does her name hearken back to the days when drag queens saw her sulking over a broken heart in a London gay bar, only to come over and give her life, but she’s done drag in her own work, playing each character in a music video depicting love gone awry. (Btw: Why is that so hot?! Jeez!)

The artist released a music video today with a quick and noticeable edit to the band name: Christine is now Chris. (Bring this noise.)  Not only is the track rife with the plucky, upbeat keyboard/guitar stylings borne of the 80s, the groove in the melody means you’re on Amazon looking for leg warmers and workout VHS tapes to dance this badboy out. Quite literally.

Is this a personal statement? Just professional? (Both?) We’re putting out feelers. Until then, cut a rug to this mid-tempo fantasy: