Hunx and His Punx
Friday, April 15, 8 p.m.
488 Flat Shoals Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30316

• Performing at Atlanta Mess-Around, Night 1, with Oblivians, GG King, Shannon and The Clams, K Holes and Mickey

GA Voice: Like Gravy Train!!!!, Hunx & His Punx is a mixed gender band. How important is that mix to you?

Hunx: Well, I love being in bands with girls, number one. But I guess that’s all I really know. So I have to say highly important.

Could you ever see yourself in an all male band or would you really rather prefer to be in a mixed band?

It’d have to be like an all-gay super group. [laughs]

Who would be in the super group?

My friend Cody from The Sun. Myles Cooper, the guys from Limp Wrist and, maybe Jonny Make-Up? Like a really obnoxious, over the top, gay group.

Did you grow up listening to the girl groups of the ‘60s or did you seek out the music on your own?

My parents listened to some of them, like The Supremes. And this is like really embarrassing but I think that I was really into (the movie) “Sister Act,” and like men’s versions of girl groups. I got like really into that as a kid.

You have referred to Hunx and His Punx’s music as “young oldies,” and youth figures prominently in songs such as “The Curse of Being Young” and the title cut “Too Young To Be In Love.” What age do you think is the right age to be in love?

There’s no right age to be in love. I mean, I actually think being young and in love is really sweet. It’s just kind of a reflection on looking back at being in love when I was really young and thinking it’s weird.

What was weird about it?

It’s just intense, I think. And it’s uncontrollable, something you can’t help, and it’s kind of tragic, but also really amazing.

Bad boys also play a significant role in the songs “Keep Away From Johnny” and “Bad Boy.” Is it better to be a bad boy or to be in love with one?

I think it’s better to be in love with a bad boy. Because they’re really hot and at the end of the day you’re not as troubled as them even if you’re sad about it.

Have you been in love with a bad boy?

I’ve never been in love with bad boys but I’ve had many crushes, but they end up straight so it doesn’t really go that far. Gay bad boys are kind of hard to come by. They’re not the kind I like. I mean I like gay boys a lot, don’t get me wrong, but gay bad boys kind of take on a different look in my mind, and the meaning of what’s bad. Like, crystal meth I’m not really that into it.

Why do you like playing in the South?

I feel like people just get crazy. … I enjoy small town gays. The South is really amazing. They’re almost crazier than people I know here. They come to the show and get all dressed up, they’re so cute.


Top photo: Garage rock meets girl-groups with Hunx and His Punx, led by Seth Bogart, a.k.a. Hunx. (Publicity photo)

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