Former Christian musician turned secular artist returns to Atlanta tomorrow night

Jennifer Knapp comes to Eddie’s Attic

Grammy-nominated Jennifer Knapp performs tomorrow night at Eddie’s Attic. Knapp, who recently came out to fans and supporters, is touring in support of her 2010 effort “Letting Go.”

In an interview with GA Voice last year, Knapp discussed her decision to come out and the impact its had on her career as a now secular musician.

“One of the biggest problems for (the fundamentalist Christian community) is that I’m unapologetic. I think that they would be fine if I just admitted that I had homosexual feelings as opposed to the fact that I’m saying “Yes, I’m a homosexual and I still have my faith.” That particular pastor — his accusation towards me was that I am justifying my homosexuality rather than me openly talking about my journey and how I got to that point of understanding. I don’t and won’t justify myself or my faith.”

Check out a video of Knapp performing at Eddie’s Attic in 2010 below:

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