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New Single by Sophia Dashing, “One of One,” Out June 30th

Since her first performance last October at Atlanta Pride, rising pop artist Sophia Dashing has been keeping busy with shows around Atlanta and releasing new singles. Her upcoming single, “One of One,” will be released June 30 and focuses on themes of self-love and healing after ending a relationship. 

“It’s really just celebrating choosing yourself after going through a relationship that no longer serves you or with someone that didn’t treat you the way you deserve,” Dashing said. 

Dashing describes the upcoming single as a dance-pop anthem; one that’s upbeat and makes people want to run to the dance floor when they hear it in the club. Dashing said she wanted the song to inspire listeners to remember their worth and to choose and take care of themselves.

“Listening to this song, I really just want people to feel good about  themselves, I  want people to sing along to the affirmations,” said Dashing, adding that she wants people to feel “lighter and happier” after the song has ended. 

The single follows Dashing’s go-to genre of pop, though the artist has also dabbled in R&B in the past. She says that her career in dance when she was younger first attracted her to the pop genre, songs that a listener could quickly find their rhythm in and dance to. Dashing credits artists like Britney Spears, Dua Lipa, and Kim Petras with some of her musical inspiration. 

While Dashing wants her fans to have fun with her music and enjoy the good vibes, she also wants her work to have an impact on the people that listen to her writing. As a queer artist, Dashing says that she always wants her music to inspire her fans to be their authentic selves, as well as give them anthems to rely on during life’s highs and lows. Dashing gave an example of her latest single, “Still in Love,” which deals with topics like healing from the pains of leaving a relationship. 

“If I can impact or help anyone in their journey with my music, that’s what I want,” she said. 

Dashing’s upcoming single is just one of the many things that she has going on at the moment. After her debut performance in October, Dashing was booked to do other shows around Atlanta, which she says she’s been loving and describes as one of her “favorite things in the world.” 

The young artist has also been working on new music, having released her pop single “Lonely” the same day as her performance and her R&B ballad “Still in Love” in late 2022. The former has been added to many playlists on Spotify, including one popular public playlist with over 11,000 saves. Dashing says that she’s writing new music all the time, and that between writing down verses and recording voice memos of melodies as they come to her, writing songs has become part of her daily routine. She has also been planning a music video shoot, which is set to happen in June, and has been doing other promotional work for her music. 

“Since Pride, it’s just been really go-go-go with working on this new music, I have a batch of singles coming out,” Dashing said. Despite the business, Dashing says that she loves her work and that she really feels like she’s found her calling as a musical artist. 

Looking towards the future, Dashing says wants to expand her network outside of Atlanta and would love to be able to work in LA. More than anything, though, Dashing wants to continue to release new singles after “One of One” comes out, and eventually wants to make and release an EP.