Radio show brings black gay issues to forefront

“Hide your wives, hide your children and hide your husbands. Better Days Radio is back! Now go and tell that homeboy!” yells Sir Daniel, sending Drama Dupree into a feverish cackle.

It’s easy for these two to snap into their radio personas. They’ve been friends for over 10 years and they’ve had a long time to practice this routine ever since Daniel came up with the idea of Better Days Radio nearly two years ago.

Better Days Radio

Wanting a mix of entertainment and education, Daniel chose to make Better Days Radio a showcase of celebrity news and gossip, interviews, music and LGBT issues.

“I want us to hit all kinds of subject matter whether it be financial empowerment, different types of milestones within the community, things of that nature. I just think it’s very important that things need to be brought up and put out on the table and if I can be a facilitator or conduit for that then I’m happy to do that.”

But this isn’t the first time Daniel has had a taste of the world of radio. For over a decade, he interned and worked behind the scenes at stations like WAMJ-Atlanta, WRFG-89.3, News Talk 1380 WAOK and WVEE V-103.

After years working behind the scenes, Daniel decided to walk away from radio.

“I didn’t feel fulfilled,” he admits.

Following a more than year-long hiatus, Daniel, still feeling a desire for entertainment, would return to radio, this time in front of the microphone as Sir Daniel.

“I figured nobody else is going to give me a shot so I may as well create my own opportunity,” he explains.

His Better Days Radio co-host isn’t exactly a novice to the entertainment industry either. Before venturing into radio, Taylor spent years working as a female illusionist by the name of Brianna Renee Blakes Dupree.

“Yes I was a fabulous drag queen with a 24-inch strawberry blonde weave cascading down my back,” Taylor charmingly spews. “And I got tired of putting that on everyday to go out.”

Leaving behind the glamorous life of drag, Taylor settled upon a job at Home Depot corporate offices. However, he was fired during his day off one Labor Day.
Taking the advice of a friend, Taylor created a YouTube video venting his frustrations about his firing. With a feature plug from the popular gossip website Crunk & Disorderly, Taylor’s video became an overnight success.

“After that people started requesting me to do more videos. So then I became semi-popular on YouTube,” Taylor says.

That animated personality and public appeal is what convinced Daniel to approach Taylor about doing a show together.

“He’d become quite the YouTube star and I just knew with his personality that we’d be a winning combination,” Daniel says.

Together they make a powerful alliance with Daniel’s radio skills and creative drive complimenting and blending with Taylor’s exuberance, sass and charm.

While the two shine as a duo, Taylor still finds time to maintain his YouTube stardom, creating videos about issues such as his unofficial Black Gay Pride safety rules, which made a splash before the Labor Day Weekend celebration.

Daniel expects Better Days Radio to be the next big thing to come out of Atlanta.

“I expect us to be in each and every household, in your car, on your PDA at some point in the nearby future,” Daniel says. “Just more musical guests, especially people that are in the out music movement, mainstream artists, we’re going to do it all. We’re not afraid. As long as people are willing to talk to us we’re not afraid to talk to them. So we’re coming, coming at you.”


Top photo: Sir Daniel and Drama Dupree host Better Days Radio. (Courtesy photo)