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Uh Huh Her
Friday, Oct. 21, 9 p.m. at Vinyl
1374 West Peachtree St.
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The airline said passengers complained that the women’s affection was “excessive” and their reaction to being asked to stop was “aggressive.”

Countered Grey and Hailey, “We want to make it clear we were not making out or creating any kind of spectacle of ourselves, it was one, modest kiss. We are responsible adult women who walk through the world with dignity. We were simply being affectionate like any normal couple.”

Hailey wouldn’t discuss the Southwest incident when the GA Voice caught up with her a few days later, but did discuss Uh Huh Her’s new album, “Nocturnes,” her influences and a special Q&A quick- fire.

Shannon: Your new album, “Nocturnes,” was just released on Oct. 11. Tell me a little bit about that.

Leisha: We got dropped from our label over two years ago and we also left our management and so Cam (Camila) and I were left trying to figure out how to restart this band and make records without any support.

We rented a studio and we spent the whole summer writing this album. When it hit a point of production ceiling that we couldn’t go beyond with our equipment, we played it for Wendy Melvoin from Prince and the Revolution fame. … She was so wonderful and she offered the use of her studio when she wasn’t using it. We’d meet her very late at night or really early in the morning and we spent the next nine months completing the album.

Did the name “Nocturnes” come from the late night recording sessions?

Yes! A lot of it was done at night. Even the subjects of the songs are darker for us. It was a hard, difficult time and it was full of personal struggles for both of us. There was a whole theme of darkness that surrounded this record.

Your tour, the “Keep-a-Breast” tour, is sponsored by the Keep-A-Breast organization. I love it because they reach young people through ways like art and music and get them to make good choices.

They’re a fantastic organization. They are all about prevention of breast cancer so they gear their message towards teenagers and younger adult women. They have a message of prevention through lifestyle changes.

Considering both acting and music, who have you worked with that you had amazing synergy with that brought you to your best place as an artist?

My original band started with my best friend so the synergy between us was incredible because we were inseparable as people. With Cam, I feel that she brings out in me all of the things that I would never challenge in myself. An example would be that I’ve learned two instruments that I’ve never played before. I’ve learned to write differently. I always wrote songs sitting down on a couch with a guitar.

With Cam, I’ve learned a lot about production where you start a song by laying down a drum loop and you put your synth pads down — it’s been a totally different way of creating…

You mentioned both synergy partners being linked to music. Does that mean that music is your true passion over acting?

I can’t answer that because it’s just where I’m at in my life now and I’ve done it for so long that it feels like a part of me. When I was on “The L Word,” I stopped music for four to five years and it just felt like a part of me died. That’s why I started this band. I needed music back. It’s beyond a giant passion in my life. But so is acting. I can feel just as inspired playing out a scene.

Any acting projects on the horizon?

This past year, I just wanted to give this band my full attention because I hadn’t prior to that. I was trying to balance two careers. So right now, I have nothing but the band going on.

Who do you think killed Jenny [character on “The L Word”]?

I’m going to call suicide on that one.

I thought it would be fun to play a little game with you. I’ll give you a word and you tell me the first thought that pops into your head. Do you want to play?

Sure. I’ll do my best.

Touring: Fun.
“Nocturnes”: Passionate.
Sexy: Life
Alice (her “L Word” character): Lover
Camila (her band mate): Adorable
Twitter: Powerful
Dream girl: Dream girl?

Yes, dream girl. If you said “dream girl” to me, I would respond with “Andie MacDowell” or “Angelina Jolie”. What would you say?

I’ve met her.

What? You met Angelina Jolie?

(Laughs) No! I’m not saying I’ve met Angelina. I’m saying I’ve met my dream girl.

Baby: Maybe
Problem: Getting solved
Marriage: Never again! (laughs)
Love: Purpose

I’ve got one more…

Oh darn! This is so fun…

Here it is: Atlanta: Great city. I love it!


Top photo: Uh Huh Her features girlfriends Camila Grey and Leisha Hailey; the duo released their new album Oct. 11. (Publicity photo)