Music’s gayest spring and summer coming to Atlanta

Scissor Sisters | April 4 | Tabernacle
What’s left to be said about the Scissor Sisters? Hot gay front man… hot bear bass player… Ana Matronic? Every time the group comes to town the web explodes with fan pictures, and the bars feel empty until the show lets out. Grab your tickets while they last.

Lady Gaga | April 18 | Arena at Gwinnett Center
Tickets to Lady Gaga’s “Monster Ball” round two went on sale last May, almost a year before the performance date. At last check, some lower price point tickets are still available, but it looks like you’ll be almost behind the stage. You can up the ante with a bigger ticket price, but you’re looking at around $200 a ticket.

Ke$ha | April 20 | Tabernacle
Armed with a dollar sign in her name and panty-hose that look like they’ve been used to make crystal meth, Ke$ha is heading to Atlanta with her “Get $leezy” tour. A quick check for tickets reveals slim pickings for the show, but if you bring enough cheap eye liner and a boombox, you can replicate the experience with the street people who live downtown. No offense to the street people.

Kylie Minogue | May 6 | Fox Theatre
My Facebook gays exploded when Kylie Minogue’s second American tour was announced. Tickets go on sale Jan. 22 — as in, tomorrow. Despite her international appeal, this is only her second tour on this side of the pond. If her music videos have inspired even an iota of her tour design, it could be the gayest thing to ever hit the Fox stage.

Katy Perry with Robyn and Marina and the Diamonds | June 7 | Arena at Gwinnett Center
Tickets for this gay-popular trio go on sale Jan. 29. I like to think of Katy Perry as the Cyndi Lauper for the current tween set. We’ve yet to see a ballad like “True Colors” from Perry, but “Firework” has served as my personal gay anthem for the past several weeks. Truth be told, there’ll be a slew of fans who are more excited to see opening act Robyn, who took the gay world by storm with her recent “Body Talk” series.

New Kids on the Block with the Backstreet Boys | June 22 | Philips Arena
Grab your hag for the flashback of the summer: NKOTB and BSB are teaming up for a tour that only gays and girls could appreciate. The cheap seats for the Philips Arena show look to be sold out, but if you’re willing to pay upwards of $80, can still have a seat on this teenie-bopper time machine.

Taylor Swift | July 9-10 | Philips Arena
Seems like tickets for both nights are tough to find, but look at it this way: of all the teen-friendly shows listed, this is one you’re most likely to feel awkward about… Unless you find out Jake Gyllenhaal might be there. Then he’ll be the only one feeling awkward.

Who are you looking forward to seeing most this spring/summer?


Top photo: Katy Perry comes to Atlanta with Robyn and Marina and the Diamonds on June 7. (Via Facebook)