Screenshot via YouTube (Netflix)

Netflix’s First Gay Christmas Movie is Streaming Now

Netflix has released the trailer for Single All the Way, its first gay Christmas movie.

The film follows the always-single Peter (played by Michael Urie) convincing his best friend Nick (Philemon Chambers) to come home with him as his fake date for the holidays to appease his family. The trailer hints, though, that there may be something more than friendship between them. However, at the same time Peter’s mother Carole (Kathy Najimy) is trying to set him up with her sexy spin instructor, James (Luke MacFarlane).

Urie told Entertainment Weekly that viewers can expect “pageantry, wine, hunky Santas, a little bit of deception, a whole lotta do-gooding, and Jennifer Coolidge,” who plays the hilarious and single Aunt Sandy.

This is the first Christmas film produced by Netflix that features a gay romance as the main storyline.

Single All the Way is streaming on Netflix now.