New Text Service Sends Trans and Non-binary People Validation During Coronavirus Lockdown

Transgender and non-binary people experiencing loneliness and isolation during the coronavirus pandemic can register for a new free text service that sends daily text validations.

The service, called Validation Station, was created as a way to combat the isolation trans people—especially those forced to shelter-in-place with unsupportive family members—often face. Registered users get daily reminders of both how great they are and how valid their identities are.

“I’ve struggled to feel valid a lot over the past few years, and working on a project like this gives me the chance to help people in the same boat feel a little better,” one of the creators, Kes, told Forbes. “I came to realize that in my identity as a trans woman, I faced very little support and validation in my day-to-day life. But the amazing community of friends I have made online has been helping me through this massively. And I think the Validation Station helps to bridge the gap between that almost ethereal online community and the real world.”

The creators paid the overhead to start the service, but it is now being support by cloud communications company Vonage. Validation Station currently has over 500 users.

Registration is simple: just enter your name, phone number, and pronouns to get started!

“I hope [the service] helps to remind people that their identity is valid, the more we get told the opposite, the more it will cement in our minds,” said co-creator Jacob Edwards. “Therefore, this daily text is worded to use names (and pronouns where we can) so trans and non-binary people get a reminder that this is who they are.”