‘One Day at a Time’ Might Be Revived by CBS All Access

“One Day at a Time” could be revived on a different streaming platform but Netflix could still prevent that from happening.

According to Vulture, the streaming platform CBS All Access has made an official bid to Sony to pick up the show where it left off for a fourth season. The bid is a bold move considering Netflix’s deal with Sony allows Netflix to veto the show moving to another streaming platform for two years after its cancellation.

Norman Lear, who was the showrunner of the original ’70s sitcom and producer of the revival, reportedly asked Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos to waive Netflix’s veto rights for the show.

Vulture reports that Netflix has not yet decided yes or no to the bid.

Broadcast networks Pop and the CW have also expressed interest in the show but both networks would need to obtain other partners in order to afford the show. The CW also doesn’t produce half-hour sitcoms so exactly how “One Day at a Time” would fit into the network is unclear.

“One Day at a Time” was a remake of the 1975 Lear classic sitcom focusing on a Cuban-American family headed by matriarch Penelope (Justina Machado). The family dealt with issues such as homophobia and mental illness.

Netflix announced in March that the series was canceled due to low viewership.

Story courtesy of the Washington Blade.