One Million Moms returns to Facebook, but where are all the pro-gay comments?

In the lead-up to taking the page offline to attend VBS, OMM’s Facebook page was inundated with pro-gay comments on everything it had posted to the page, from a renewed call to boycott JC Penney for running a same-sex couple in a Father’s Day ad, to encouraging its fans to protest/boycott Marvel Comics and DC Comics over a couple of gay-friendly story-lines.

But when the page returned, all of the previous pro-gay comments were scrubbed clean. Hundreds and hundreds of comments calling out OMM are gone. There’s no mention of anything pro-gay anywhere on the page.

While I was poking around their page, I realized that I couldn’t comment or “like” any of their posts, something I had been able to do before the page was taken down.


So, GA Voice Publisher Chris Cash and I did a little experiment. Chris signed onto the group’s page, “liked” it and left a comment:

OMM on Facebook

The comment lasted exactly six minutes before being scrubbed clean. Chris was then blocked from posting additional comments or “liking” any of the page’s posts, just like I had been. Here’s a screenshot of the same thread, with Chris’ comments removed:

OMM silences critics

I guess the old saying is true, “If you can’t beat them, take away their ability to post on your Facebook page.”