Tommy “The SpiderBaby” Saturday shares his coming out story in a new video for the It Gets Better campaign.

Saturday, often called “The World’s Meanest Buddhist” in the ring, is one of the sport’s few openly gay participants.

In the video, Saturday describes his coming out experience, dealing with being gay in the upper-Midwest and shares his heartwarming story of overcoming thoughts of suicide.

In the end, however, Saturday says he was able to come to terms with who he is and says, “Be better and it will get better. I guarantee.”

Openly gay professional wrestler says ‘It Gets Better’

Check out the video below:

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) recently started an initiative to combat bullying.

TNA has created public service announcements and several of the organization’s stars have gone to the media to share their experiences with childhood bullying. Saturday’s video is unrelated but poignant, nonetheless.