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LGBT youth from Georgia share their stories as part of photo-journalism online project

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people are sharing their stories on the website, “We Are the Youth” that invites youth to share their stories of coming out, the challenges they face as a sexual minority and the triumphs they’ve achieved.

“We Are the Youth” is a “photographic journalism project chronicling the individual stories of LGBT youth in the United States” according to the website.

“Through photographic portraits and written interviews highlighting the participants’ voices, We Are the Youth captures the incredible diversity and uniqueness among the LGBT youth population,” the website adds. “We Are the Youth addresses the lack of visibility of LGBT young people by providing a space to share stories in an honest and respectful way.”

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What do most women do with their hair ‘down there’?

Map of Tazmania screen capture

Do you shave? Wax? Let it grow au natural? Perhaps just a trim every few weeks?

Personally, I like hair on a woman’s body including "down there." When those photos of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears were leaked all over the web of them and their completely shaved pubic regions, I wondered if this was a trend for most women, for most straight women, for young women, or for young, rich, crazy women?

Recently, on an episode of “The Doctors,” the gynecologist was thankfully saying that it is not necessary for women to douche every time they use the restroom. The vagina, she said, is a “self-cleaning oven.” Good advice.

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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3: Meet the contestants

RuPaul's Drag Race kicks off tonight

Gearing up for the premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3? For a limited time, iTunes is offering a free video download—about 15 minutes worth—of introductions by the cast themselves. You must have a iTunes to download the clip.

Yes, Atlanta queens Phoenix—who was rather terse in her interview—and Mariah, the“legendary” Atlanta ball scene queen, are in the bunch, but a couple personalities stood out above all others.

Mimi, a big girl from New York brings a campy edge to the competition. She calls herself over-the-top (“If you're not over the top, you'll see never see the other side.”) and it seems like she's immediately got the goods to make interesting TV. She says she can sing live, too. Will we see it?

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GLAAD responds to criticism over Atlanta Journal-Constitution media award nomination

A Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation spokesperson responded tonight to my criticism of their selection of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as one of the nominees for the gay media watchdog group's annual Media Awards in the “Outstanding Newspaper Overall Coverage” category.

Also nominated were the Denver Post, Los Angeles Times, The New York Times and the Salt Lake Tribune.

Rich Ferraro, GLAAD's Director of Communications, sent our Dyana Bagby the following e-mail late tonight:

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Music’s gayest spring and summer coming to Atlanta

Katy Perry comes to Atlanta

Kylie, Katy, Ke$sha, Gaga? OMG. WTF. It's going to be a summer to remember.

I'm struggling to control my inner pre-teen with the line-up of concerts headed to Atlanta in the next several months. Maybe it's just en vogue to love the gays, but the list of performers headed to town seems to be the gayest in — well — ever.

Some of the artists I'm excited about may not be on your list, but given the variety of shows, there's surely something that'll give you a reason to douse yourself in glitter and act like you're as young as teen girls around you.

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New musical by gay writer Jeff Whitty brings cheerleading films to stage

Bring It On: The Musical at Alliance Theatre

A key player on the all-star team launching the world premiere “Bring It On: The Musical” in Atlanta is a familiar name to gay theatregoers – Jeff Whitty, who shot to fame when his puppet play “Avenue Q” became a sensation. Whitty, who is gay, is writing the new musical, which plays at the Alliance Theatre through Feb. 20.

The cheerleading musical features a rich array of talent. Besides Whitty, there is Tony winner Andy Blankenbuehler (In the Heights).Blankenbuehler, who directed “In the Heights” and is directing and choreographing this production. The music and lyrics are by Tony winner Lin-Manuel Miranda, also of “In the Heights.” Also in the collaborative team are Tony winner Tom Kitt (“Next to Normal”) and Amanda Green (“High Fidelity”).

Unlike the creative team for “Avenue Q,” which was mostly gay, this is a largely heterosexual crew, yet Whitty is positive that they will be able to make a show that pleases everyone.  He feels that the world of cheerleading – with all its drama, intrigue and politics – will resonate LGBT theater fans.