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Celebrating gay playwright Tennessee Williams

Tennessee Williams in 1965

Gay playwright Tennessee Williams would have been 100 years old this month. Just in time to honor that milestone comes the play “Confessions of a Nightingale.”  It’s directed by Patrick McColery and stars Sid Shier, both of whom are gay.

The play, based on Charlotte Chandler’s interviews with Williams for the book “Ultimate Seduction,” takes places in 1983 near the end of Williams’ life. According to Shier, it’s basically a conversation with the audience about Williams’ life, his relationships (Williams never hid the fact that he was gay) and his career, including his successes and failures.

“He was very complex,” says the actor, who shares the common sentiment that most of Williams’ great work was done early in his career.

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Neighborhood favorite provides good food for good prices

Athens Pizza

My first partner lived around the Emory – Toco Hills area so we frequented the restaurants near us. Sadly, Mexico City Gourmet closed as did Anarkli, which was the place I first tasted Indian food, which soon became an obsession. Is there anything better than chicken tiki masala on fragrant basmanti rice? We’ll save that for another column.

I was recently in the neighborhood and passed by Athens Pizza. This place is a true anchor of the area as it’s been open since 1977, owned by John and Aseimoula Papadopoulos. You’ll see the authentic urban melting pot from the elderly patrons who have been going there for decades to young Emory students. We chatted with a lovely lesbian couple while their cute adopted Asian daughter laughed with my partner’s kids. How’s that for modern family.

The non-corporate restaurant is very Greek kitschy with Mediterranean murals and is staffed with congenial employees who’ve been there for years and actually seem to care if you have a great experience. Yes, food snobs, this is not the best Greek restaurant in Atlanta — it’s not Buckhead Life’s Kyma — but the point is you can have an affordable, relevant culinary experience.

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Gregg Araki’s ‘Kaboom’ is a comedy thriller with eye candy for all

Kaboom at Landmark Theatres

The sex-obsessed college students in Gregg Araki’s “Kaboom” all seem to be working toward an STD degree. As Smith (Thomas Dekker) says, “I’m 18 and perpetually horny.” This being the 21st century his lust knows no gender boundaries. His best friend Stella (Haley Bennett) says he’s “probably a 3 or 4 on the Kinsey Scale,” while he describes himself as “undeclared.”

Araki himself has become more bisexual, both in his films and his private life, since his days as one of the poster boys for the New Queer Cinema of the early ‘90s. While it’s unquestionably gay-positive, “Kaboom” would score no higher on Kinsey than its protagonist.

Indeed, Smith’s only repeat sexual partner is a woman, London (Juno Temple), although he fantasizes about his “excruciatingly hot straight roommate” Thor (Chris Zylka), “a surfer, dumb as a box of rocks”; flirts with Oliver (Brennan Mejia), hooks up with Hunter (Jason Olive) at a nude beach and gets a surprise “gift” from London on his 19th birthday.

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Gay-themed ‘Red State’ based on ‘God Hates Fags’ church

Kevin Smith's Red State

One of the most controversial features at the recent Sundance Film Festival was the gay-themed thriller “Red State.” The film’s director, Kevin Smith, brings his “Red State, U.S.A.” tour to the Cobb Energy Centre for a March 29 screening and question-and-answer session.

In the film, which follows a traditional horror movie plot, three teenagers discover an ad on the Internet from an older woman looking for sex and decide to answer it. What they find, instead, in the woods where they agree to meet is a family using various techniques to lure in unsuspecting young men they believe to be sinners; they often target gays as part of their crusading.

Jonathan Gordon, the film’s producer, says “Red State” is inspired loosely by Pastor Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church, the type of people who “say God’s word is the only word and picket funerals.”

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My Sisters’ Room owner says ‘valuable lesson learned’ during recent ‘Derelicte’ party controversy

The controversy surrounding a recent party at My Sisters’ Room has prompted the lesbian bar’s owner to speak out and say that the bar does not intend to discriminate against anyone.

Bedlam Presents and local gay singer and party promoter Barry Brandon and others promoted a party at MSR on March 11 based on the movie “Zoolander” and the fashion line “Derelicte” portrayed in the movie as “homeless chic.”

Advertising for the party included people being encouraged to dress in attire "inspired by homeless, vagrants and crack whores."

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Happy Birthday to Us!

Our new print edition commemorates our first year with the latest in LGBT news and entertainment

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‘Zoolander’-themed party encouraging ‘crack whores’ costumes comes under debate

A debate over a party where people are encouraged to dress in "homeless chic" and as "crack whores" set for Friday at lesbian bar My Sisters' Room has created a stir on Facebook.

The party by Bedlam Presents, a promotion group, is upsetting some people in Atlanta's LGBT community because the dress code suggested for the party is based on the movie "Zoolander" and the "Derelicte" fashion line from that film.

According to the Facebook invite people are encouraged to dress in fashion  "inspired by homeless, vagrants and crack whores."