Popular eatery fails health inspection, makes amends

According to a representative from the Division of Environmental Health Services, restaurants are not required to close following a first failed inspection. If a restaurant fails the follow-up inspection, it is asked to voluntarily close to correct problems.

“Once an establishment scores a ‘U’ on an inspection, we should conduct a follow-up inspection within 10 days,” April Majors, spokesperson for Fulton Environmental Health Services said. “If the establishment scores another ‘U’ on the follow-up inspection, we are required to ask them to voluntarily close. They are not asked to voluntarily close after the first ‘U’ score only after they score a second consecutive ‘U’ on the follow-up inspection.”

Mold in the ice machine was listed as a repeat violation. Masker said in a phone conversation that the mold was only on the lid of the machine and was not touching any of the ice. “It was not pervasive,” she said.

According to Masker, restaurants can go two or three years between inspections. Joe’s received an 85 during its previous inspection on January 27 of this year and the restaurant paid to have another inspection to increase its score.

“Our company standard is an ‘A’,” Masker said. “Our previous score was a ‘B,’ we heard her [the health inspector] loud and clear.”

Joe’s on Juniper is known for its large outdoor patio area that hosts capacity crowds during warm weather and on its popular trivia nights. It is owned by Metrotainment Cafes, who also own and operate Cowtipper’s, Einstein’s and Hudson Grille.

Other Atlanta restaurants that recently failed health inspections include the Buckhead Diner (57 out of 100), Rice Box (68 out of 100) and Saxby’s Coffee (64 out of 100).

f/t What Now Atlanta