Queer photographers featured in Little Five Points art show

Curious art lovers may want to make a habit of ritual behaviors. On April 13, from 7-10 p.m., The Gallery by Wish premieres a new exhibit called An Exploration of Her Ritual. The show will feature 23 Atlanta artists, including several queer photographers: Elizah Turner, Talecia Tucker and Tabia Lisenbee-Parker. The event is co-curated by SOAP Goods Creative and Paula Cuevas. SOAP Goods is a creative agency based in Atlanta. Cuevas is the founder of iimpaulaa, a set-and-stage design firm.

The featured artworks celebrate and consider the experiences of women of color. The show will also feature many interactive parts — that’s the “ritual behavior” referred to in exhibition materials. Kristy Gomez of SOAP wrote that they were “proud to present an exhibition focused on elevating the vulnerability, strength and traditions of women of color, created by women of color.”

Monica Campana, a Gallery curator, stated that the show was “an exhibition to celebrate women of color in all their power, complexity, strength and beauty, and to act as a reminder that we’ve always carried the world in our arms.”

According to a press release, the exhibit was designed to consider “the mystery and normalcy of feminal rituals.” George Gomez, also of SOAP, stated that he’d wanted “to explore these themes, but realized this wasn’t a space I could lend an authentic voice. As a man, I couldn’t explore these spaces the way women can.” Per the theme of the show, each artist explores a particular ritual through a lens of social, familial, or personal tradition (or non-tradition, as the case may be).

In the show’s press material, Cuevas wrote “I believe one woman alone is powerful beyond measure, and when women come together, something inexplicable happens. We become a force of nature. For that reason, curating this show and bringing together such powerful and beautiful women, has been a ritual in itself for me.”

“An Exploration of Her Ritual”
Art Exhibition
April 13 7-10 p.m.
The Gallery by Wish
453 Moreland Ave SE, Atlanta GA 30307