Queer sci-fi convention returns to Atlanta this weekend

This year’s event will feature a writer’s workshop, panels and even a few parody events, including a “Project Runway” spoof called “Project Cosplay” and a “RuPaul’s Drag Race” parody called “Nea’s Geek Race,” DeGruy said.

“We are becoming a great balance between academic versus fun,” DeGruy said. “We’re trying to do a third academia, a third nighttime entertainment and a third of it is gaming, which is quite popular.”

One of the highlights of events like Outlantacon are the parties attendees and organizers throw during the nights throughout the weekend. Outlantacon will officially sponsor two parties, on Friday and Saturday nights.

Organizers expect as many as 200 attendees, DeGruy added.

“Our convention and conventions like ours provide a great atmosphere,” he said. “It’s almost like a pride gathering. We’re the same way. We want people to show up, be comfortable and be a geek first and foremost.”

For more information, visit www.outlantacon.org.


Top photo: Two men cosplay comic book super heroes Captain America (left) and Wolverine (via Outlantacon)