Seeking affirmation in your own community — and providing it to others

They discuss comic books, feminism, the church and their art. Check out the entire blog for a good read and video links to some of Edwards’ short films. But one question and answer struck a chord with me.

Akili asked Edwards: How do you define queer? And why do you/ or do you choose to identify as queer rather than or/in conjunction with identifying as gay? Or do you choose to identify with any of them at all?

Edwards’ answer: I define queer as anything that is not easily readable. Anything that keeps you guessing because it’s constantly evolving. Queer for me ranges from personality to sexuality. I often use queer and gay interchangeably.

I know gay, queer, etc. are White-constructed sociopolitical terms that did not include people of color. However, that’s what I came to know first and how I came into my own. The rainbows, the ‘Out and Proud’ consciousness may have came from people that do not look like me, but I am affirmed. It’s an affirmation that I’ve had to create in my own Black community because we don’t readily give it to each other.

What are your thoughts about what these men had to say?

Photo: Daniel Edwards (left) and Yolo Akili. (via