The column is basically a reprint of an open letter written to the Columbus Enquirer by Richard Cawthorne of Ellerlie, Ga. Tribble slapped a sentence at the top of the letter that he was passing along Cawthorne’s thoughts, and a sentence at the bottom noting that “most … is very true in my opinion and worth repeating.”

The column ran in the July 19 issue of the small-town paper and was also posted on the website of the Fayette County News on July 23.

Katherine Helms Cummings, from Sandersville, reached out to Georgia Equality and has created a petition on calling for an apology from Tribble over his remarks in the editorial.

“Tell this media owner that this kind of broad-based intolerance and name calling has no place in democratic debate and join us in asking him to issue an apology,” the petition reads.

As of this post, the petition had some 52 signatures.

We attempted to reach Tribble via telephone but were unable.

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