Sophia Dashing Releases Fourth Single “way i”

Local bisexual artist Sophia Dashing released her fourth single today. The pop princess has shifted her typical dance pop sound toward R&B with her new release “way i,” a sexy and sensual song about catching feelings and taking things to the next level.

“[‘way i’ talks] about wanting to take it to the next level with someone you’ve connected with,” Dashing told Georgia Voice. “They’ve stimulated you intellectually, they’ve given you all the signs, but they’re not actually making a move. [It’s about] all the sexual frustration that comes with that, the longing and desire to get physical touch from them.”

Dashing wrote the track this spring, inspired by R&B legends like Aaliyah and Normani. The genre is one of the artist’s favorites because of her background as a dancer.

“Because I’m a dancer, I love vibey chill beats that make you want to move your body in a slower way,” she said. “With this, you can really take it down and explore how your body is feeling and reacting to it. I like the sensual, chill, go with the flow type of feeling.”

While she plans to stick to her dance pop roots, Dashing says that fans can always expect R&B influences in her music.

“I definitely think I am a pop singer, and that’s how I would describe my music, but there will always be a sprinkle of R&B here and there because I’m super inspired by it,” she said. “That’s what I listen to on a regular basis anyways, so I kind of have to bring it in occasionally, and I’m happy I did with this song. There will be more pop after this, though.”

As for what else fans can expect from Dashing moving forward, the singer-songwriter-dancer is “just going with the flow.” She recently expressed interest in releasing an EP but wants to grow as an artist and figure out what works for her, first.

“I actually have some meetings with record labels, so that is going to be the decision-maker on if I put out a big project or keep rolling out singles,” she said. “I’m kind of just taking it one step at a time. I’m just going with the flow.”

One thing fans can expect, though, is a new music video. The “way i” music video releases tomorrow, December 10, on her YouTube channel. The video is the first she’s released since her debut single, “High Priestess.”

“Making this video was super fun, we casted a male dancer and it’s a lot of choreography,” Dashing said. “I worked with Beyonce’s choreographers for this music video, it was very challenging, but I’m really proud of it.”

Dashing was supposed to perform at this year’s Pride before it was canceled, but fans can expect to see her on the stage come October, should Pride 2022 happen as planned.

Stream “way i” on Spotify and Apple Music.