Stranger Things Introduces Lesbian Character in Third Season

Warning: Stranger Things spoilers ahead!

A character of the Netflix hit show Stranger Things came out in the newest season which hit the streaming platform on Thursday (July 4).

Robin, a new character to the series played by Maya Hawke, comes out to Steve Harrington in the seventh episode of the season while clarifying her “obsession” with him.

Earlier in the season, Robin confesses to Steve that she was obsessed with him. Thinking this means she has a crush on him, Steve is prompted to tell Robin that he has feelings for her. However, he and audiences at home are met with a surprise.

Robin clarifies that this “obsession” was actually because Tammy Thompson, a girl she had a crush on, liked him. Robin just wanted to know what Steve had that she didn’t.

“But Tammy Thompson’s a girl,” Steve replies until he realizes Robin is a lesbian.

Fans expressed their excitement at the LGBTQ visibility on Twitter.

Despite season 3 being released less than a week ago, a fourth season of Stranger Things has already been confirmed.