1180 Peachtree St.
Atlanta, GA 30309

Jason’s Deli
230 10th St.
Atlanta, GA 30309

Damon Anderson Catering

Others in our party got the melted Cowgirl grilled cheese with creamy tomato bisque for dunking, a special pan-seared salmon on potato latkes which are similar to hash browns, and addictive salty fried pickles with a jalapeno ranch dipping sauce. My crave-worthy desert was the adult ice cream sandwich — dark rich stout (like Guinness) chocolate ice cream sandwiched between warm, soft oatmeal cookies, drizzled with chocolate syrup. Fierce.

Other Pride dishes

Before Pride we also attended the Get it Out of the Closet benefit, which collected gently used professional attire to help job seekers. The Macy’s fashion show was followed by a huge, delicious, moist yellow cake with butter cream frosting. It was made by the straight but not narrow caterer Damon Anderson, whose mother-in- law is AEN Committee Chair Pam Schloemer, an old school fierce lesbian activist.

When gay weddings finally become legal in Georgia I would let Damon make me a wedding cake. If only every straight guy was like him.

During Pride, we also lunched at Jason’s Deli across from Blake’s on the Park. You can’t beat this place for the portions and value. I had an enormous Reuben with corned beef and melted swiss on buttery rye bread for a little over $7 and was stuffed. Their sizable French dip is good too with lots of roast beef and the warm au jus for dunking.

For something lighter try the California club with turkey and guacamole or the large salad bar. Plus, who can resist free soft serve ice cream with dark chocolate syrup?

Finally, is it just me, or has festival food gotten a lot better? Here’s shout out to the hardworking people who ran the hot grills and made those gyros, funnel cakes, onion blossoms, and my favorite jalapeno corn dogs. The LGBT community appreciates you. Oh and Delta, those cinnamon “first-class” cookies that you handed out – yum.

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