The Birth of LGBTQ Social Media Platform Molly Tommy

I recently launched Molly Tommy as a new social media platform for the LGBTQ community.

Everyone’s ambition at some point in their lives should be to make a difference in other people’s lives. An idea can come from past memories long forgotten, a conversation, a dream, old pictures, or new friends.

My idea came from a mixture of family and friends in the LGBTQ community, along with seeing old videos of a couple dear friends from back in the ’80s that are no longer with us. These two friends were Ed and Ronell, whom I met in Southern California at a company I was working at while I was working on my degree at California State Fullerton.

Ronell had recently moved from Detroit, and we hit it off right away. He was about five years older than me, a gospel singer with an amazing voice, and 6 feet and 130 pounds of sharply dressed man. He introduced his partner to me as his uncle. My future wife, Ronell and his “uncle” would hang out often time, dinners, clubs, staying at his place in Palm Springs, but not once would their sexualities be discussed. Ronell was the singer for my wedding, and to this day 33 years later I still watch my wedding video to see him and hear his amazing voice.

Ed had moved from a small town in Penn and was about ten years older than me. As a history major, he was such a different personality than Ronell. Over the years he became a very good friend to my family, helping to tutor my brothers, coming over to all our family events, and taking trips with my wife. Ed had a “partner” whom we never met, as Ed did not want anyone to really know he was gay.

As I look back, I know both Ronell and Ed were troubled by the burden of not being able to be themselves, playing the part our society would accept. I wish they were still with us so they could enjoy the freedom to self-expression that they missed out on.

It was in their memory that I had the idea for Molly Tommy.

The history of Molly Tommy dates to the late 18th and early 19th century England, where homosexual men would refer to themselves as “Mollies” and homosexual women would call themselves “Tommies.” During this period, when same-sex activities were illegal and heavily prosecuted, Mollies would meet at underground places called a “Molly House” to dance, commune, and celebrate their culture with their community. We decided to combine both names to honor and celebrate the history of homosexuality.

My vision was to create a totally separate social media platform for the LGBTQ community, their allies, and supportive businesses. The Atlanta-based company gives the LGBTQ community the opportunity to unite with a sense of purpose and use their voice to engage the community.

Molly Tommy give each user the ability to surf feeds and groups with news, events, perks, chat, a local classifieds marketplace and much more! Members can communicate directly with their local LGBTQ community and receive discounts from local businesses and event promoters. Molly Tommy also provides a social media platform that allows businesses to connect globally with the LGBTQ community and their allies.

With our platform, a business owner can post discounts, offer specials, and schedule events. When a guest checks in on the Molly Tommy site, we can also share visits with the owner.

We started off small, but, based on member feedback, we’ve updated and enhanced the Molly Tommy experience every six months so we can continue to grow and meet the needs of as many people as possible.

Molly Tommy is the new social media platform that was created 100% for you, the LGBTQ community. We are working diligently to make it the most fun, exciting, talked-about, safe, thought-provoking, and change-making social media platform.

For more information on Molly Tommy and to sign up, visit