‘The Real L Word’ premieres Sunday; party at Amsterdam

The new reality show about LA lesbians that looks to fill the void left by the groundbreaking series, “The L Word,” debuts tonight on Showtime. HRC Atlanta hosts a viewing party at Amsterdam from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., with the show starting at 6 p.m.

Amsterdam is located at 502 Amsterdam Ave., Atlanta, Ga., 30306. For those watching at home, the show airs at 10 p.m.

Rabid fans of “The L Word” still won’t find out who killed Jenny — the unanswered cliffhanger of the series finale — but Showtime and “L Word” creator Ilene Chaiken hope they will be interested in a look into the real-life social scene that inspired the hit show.

“The L World ladies teased, tempted and seduced us,” Showtime says on the official web page for the new show. “We’re doing it all again, but this time, it’s for REAL.”

“The Real L World” will be the first gay reality series on premium television, according to MonstersandCritics.com.

It features six successful Los Angeles lesbians who will give TV cameras a glimpse into their lives. The reality series is the second attempt by Chaiken to follow up on the success of “The L Word.”

A sequel series, “The Farm,” was pitched to Showtime but not picked up. It was to include “L Word” character Alice among the inmates, leading many to complain that Chaiken turned the last season of the “L Word,” with its “whodunit” plotline, into an extended intro to her longed-for next project.

The new reality series seems to draw heavily on the formula for the main characters of “The L Word,” with the entertainment industry well-represented. Critics of the original “L Word” will also notice that, like the original, the cast of “The New L Word” is predominately white, upper class, thin and femme.

Here’s how Showtime describes each of the women on the new reality series:

Age 29 — Silverlake, CA
Film & TV Development Executive

Beyond her smoking hot looks, Tracy is a hip chick, doing her thing — developing blockbusters during the week while skating and hanging with friends on the weekend. With a touch of earthiness and easy charm, she’s recently out and on the scene. Tracy is every girl’s dream, except maybe for her mother, who’s having a hard time dealing with Tracy’s sexuality. Will Tracy be able to reconnect with her mom while juggling a new relationship that comes with its own complicated family dynamics?

Age 37 — West Hollywood, CA
Rep/Manager/Producer; Jill’s fiancé

This super stylish, highly successful, alpha type-A with the cute West Hollywood house was married for a short time in her early twenties to a man before she came out on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” She later won a GLAAD Award for her appearance and has never looked back. Nikki is proud to be called a “barracuda” in the industry. When she’s not representing a fierce list of A-list directors and talent, this only child spends her free time shopping — and most recently, wedding planning with her fiancé, Jill. She may be a perfectionist, but she’s not above crying it out — so long as no one is looking.

Age 33 — West Hollywood, CA
Writer; Nikki’s fiancé

The girl next door wears running shoes by day and heels by night. Jill is open and welcoming, but steer clear when college football is on because she goes Wolverine over her alma mater, Michigan. This Jersey girl is very close to her family and has their full support. Once insecure about her “sexual fluidity,” she is now excited to show off her “normal and beautiful life.” Jill is the girl all the guys want, but only one girl has.

Age 27 — Hollywood, CA
Special Effects Artist

The untamed lover of life. With savvy street smarts and a wild edge, Whitney is an absolute handful. And it doesn’t take long to pick up on the passion for women that gets her into trouble… a lot of trouble… especially with straight girls. While Whitney may be the best friend you’ll ever have, she’s the self-professed worst girlfriend. She’s “…always looking for love, but losing to lust.”

Age 34 — Van Nuys, CA
Founder, The Gallery Los Angeles; Producer of LA Fashion Weekend

The wild wizard behind the fashion show curtain. Tatt’ed up and cruisin’ into downtown from her Van Nuys pad on one of her custom-built motorcycles, everyone knows when Mikey has entered the Cooper Building. When not preparing for LA Fashion Weekend, she’s marketing and promoting her designer clients — from model auditions and fittings, to drinks, meetings and photo shoots. Unfortunately, her non-stop workweek leaves Mikey with little time to spend with her makeup artist fiancé — let alone come to an agreement with her on wedding plans. Indeed, this Culver City, CA native has lots to juggle in the next few months… and we can’t wait to watch it all undress, er, unfold.

Age 35 — Pasadena, CA

Real Estate Advisor

This sexy Latina was the inspiration for Papi’s character on The L Word. She’s a heartbreaking Lotharia trying to shake old habits and be in a serious relationship… but she isn’t sure she trusts herself just yet. Fortunately, she has a very supportive family who would love to see her settle down with her girlfriend of six months — whom they all adore by the way. But Rose is altar-skittish and may be too wild to be tamed by one flame. She might be old-fashioned, but will a taste for excitement and the good life keep this self-described player from being able to commit?