As promised, Atlanta radio morning show ‘The Regular Guys’ discussed GA Voice Art Director Bo Shell’s recent blog post in one of the show’s early morning segments today.

‘The Regular Guys’ discuss perceived homophobia

Aside from reading parts of the article over the air (in a voice very similar to Bruce from Family Guy), the show’s co-hosts went on to explain that their Healthe Trim Body Fat Challenge wasn’t exploiting homophobia but exploring the topic. They then asked listeners to come to their own conclusions about the use of “kissing a dude” as punishment for losing the challenge.

“Maybe you like gay people after listening to us, maybe you don’t,” co-host Larry Wachs said. “I don’t care.”

In an effort to show some sort of inclusion, Wachs expanded the wager to include lesbians. “I’ll tell ya what. I’ll throw it out to lesbians, too. The loser has to kiss a lesbian on the lips – like a really butchy one.”

Good luck with that one.

The show gave an invite for me, Bo or anyone from the staff to go on the air to discuss the article and even sent out an informal invite via a Tweet this morning (no kissing required). We’re still up-in-the-air about that one.

To listen to the entire 10 minute segment, check out their podcast here.