But here are some of the names you may recognize:

Yu-Kai Lin, gallery director of Kai Lin Art, not only makes the list; he’s the cover boy. You can read his recent interview with GA Voice here.

Justin “JZ” Ziegler — described as “Realtor / non-profit executive / community activist” — is lauded for his activism; his work includes the Atlanta Executive Network and HIV education, among other projects. He also contributes photos to the GA Voice; check out some of his shots from “Dragnigue” here. (And his lovely photo that accompanies the article was taken by none other than the very creative GA Voice Art Director Bo Shell!)

Novelist and playwright Jim Grimsley is a professor at Emory University. He has written five novels, 11 full-length plays, and four one-act plays; his list of honors is too long to recount.

Kyle Keyser, described by CommonCreativ as a “blogger / filmmaker,” is also an activist, DJ and former openly gay long-shot candidate for Atlanta mayor. You can check out Keyser’s videos here

The biggest celebrity on the list, Tyler Perry, is often rumored to be gay based on his female “Madea” persona, though he says that is not the case. You can read our analysis of “Madea” and her impact here.

Click over to CommonCreativ to read the entire article.

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