Actor Colton Haynes addresses marriage split rumors

Actor Colton Haynes has reportedly split from his husband. Haynes married Beverly Hills florist Jeff Leatham six months ago.

Word of the alleged breakup began to spread after the actor removed various couple-photographs from his Instagram page.

As it happens, Haynes has just released a new track. The song, titled “Man It Sucks,” dwells on the subject of failed romantic relationships and so-called “cheating drama.” Amid speculation that the song was about Leatham–and that, in effect, Leatham had cheated–Haynes pushed back publicly.

According to People magazine, on Saturday, Haynes denied the rumors on social media: “Jeff would never cheat. He’s an amazing man. Please stop being mean to him. The song I wrote was about a past relationship.”

Haynes, 29, is a sometimes-model and singer. The Kansas-born openly-gay actor first appeared in the 2007 film “Transformers.” He first became famous for his role in the MTV drama “Teen Wolf,” where he played the central role of Jackson Whittemore.

Later, he premiered as Roy Harper in CW’s superhero series “Arrow.” Gamers will recognize him as the voice of Thor from 2016’s “Marvel Avengers Academy.”

After years of rumors, Haynes came out as gay in a May 2016 interview in Entertainment Weekly.

Leatham, 46, and Haynes became engaged on March 11, 2017. Leatham initiated the proposal during a visit to Los Cabos. Their nuptials followed on October 27, of the same year. The ceremony was officiated in a Palm Springs hotel by celebrity Kris Jenner.

The last Leatham-Haynes shot was posted on Instagram on January 21, the anniversary of the day the pair originally met.

E! News reported that the alleged split, if true, may have had something to do with the March death of Haynes’ mother. E! News’ source said that Haynes “realized how isolated he’d been from his friends in the time he needed them most. Their relationship was never as perfect or romantic as they had publicly portrayed.”

Haynes, who previously listed his last name as “Haynes-Leatham,” also removed the noun “husband” from his profile on Instagram last Friday. The couple has also apparently stopped following each other on Instagram.