Adam Rippon dazzles on “Dancing with the Stars”

Olympic ice skater Adam Rippon performed an impressive series of athletic feats on “Dancing with the Stars” last night. The 27th season of the popular show features a diverse cast of athletes, including several former Olympians. High scores and high ratings seem almost assured.

The first week of the televised dance-off introduced the audience to the stakes. The two hosts, Erin Andrews and Tom Bergeron, brought contestants and watchers to the main floor, festooned with pom-pom holding dancers and a Queen-inspired mix.

Among the stellar turns were Mirai Nagasu (another Olympic figure skater) and Washington football cornerback Josh Norman. At the end of Week 1, Johnny Damon (formerly of the MLB) fell after an uninspiring foxtrot. Jamie Anderson succumbed to the Viennese waltz, but Kareem Abdul-Jabbar remained very much alive after his cha-cha. And speaking of figure skaters, Tonya Harding registered a 23 on the foxtrot monitor with lyrical accents, impressive foot movement, and serious lines.

Still, the indisputable star of the festivities was out Olympian Adam Rippon, whose score was an inspiring 24 after his cha-cha, inspiring intense devotionals among his social media fans. To quote the Washington Post:

“Well, maybe he was born to win an Olympic medal and inspire millions of people around the country, but sure, born to do this show as well. His footwork on the dance floor is spot on. His lines are gorgeous. He has attitude for days. Everything you loved about Adam Rippon on the ice, he brings to the dance floor. With another week of practice, he’ll be Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire. Move along, Sister Jean. Rippon is still America’s sweetheart.”

Rippon danced with Jenna Johnson. The pair tied for the highest score of the night. Rippon later told E! that he needed a “Diet Coke, and I need more peanut M&Ms.”