Grey’s Anatomy Will Introduce First Gay Male Surgeon

Entertainment media has reported that the long-running television series Grey’s Anatomy will introduce its first gay male surgeon character. The role of Doctor Nico Kim will be played by the actor Alex Landi.

The ongoing drama is now in its fifteenth season. Reports did not indicate the amount of time, nor the number of episodes that Landi will appear in. Information on the hiring implied strongly that Landi would not be a regularly-recurring character on the show.

According to Entertainment Tonight, “The new character comes in the wake of the show’s decision to say farewell to Arizona, a lesbian surgeon played by Jessica Capshaw, last season. The drama also let go of Sarah Drew, who played April.”

As TVLine noted, “Grey’s Anatomy has, of course, had no shortage of prominent LGBT characters over the years — most notably bisexual Callie Torres and lesbian Arizona Robbins, played by former cast members Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw, respectively — but few of them have been men. And, as noted above, none of them have been surgeons.”

The medical drama will return to air on September 27, on the ABC network.