LGBTQ-related series “Vida” gets second season

The Starz television network has given the go-ahead for season two of the successful new series Vida. The LGBTQ-related show, an original idea by creator Tanya Saracho, had its season finale on June 10.

The series is a critical and popular darling, with an approximate Rotten Tomatoes rating of one hundred percent.

The LGBTQ series features a Latinx family. A pair of East L.A. sisters return home after the death of their mother.

The sisters discover their mother had a hidden sexual identity—she was a lesbian.

The two lead actors, Melissa Barrera and Misel Prada, star as siblings Lyn and Emma Hernandez.

According to Forbes, “Hispanic household viewership of the series, produced and written by Latinos, almost tripled since its premiere on Sunday, May 6, growing by 171%. According to Nielsen, Vida had the largest Latino audience for a premium series in 2018.”

The CEO of Starz, Chris Albrecht, said that Vida had delivered on its initial premise. Albrecht said the network was eager to continue the story of the Hernandez sisters.

The creator, Saracho, has been signed to a three-year deal with the company.

Vida won an Audience Award at South By Southwest in 2018.