This cartoon featured a lesbian proposal scene

Steven Universe has long been a favorite of anyone with two eyes, free time, and a heart.

(Including a certain writer here at the Georgia Voice.)

Since its premiere in 2013, the long-running Cartoon Network show has drawn applause and audience ratings for its carefully-felt, carefully-thought-out plotlines, character-driven moments, and design.

What isn’t as well known, at least outside of the fandom, is the show’s dedication to an open, diverse, and tolerant worldview. Which includes diversity of sexual orientation and gender.

So it’s no surprise—but a welcome news, at that—that the beloved series just featured a lesbian marriage proposal scene.

(Spoilers Ahoy!)

In the latest episode (July 4’s “The Question”), characters Ruby (female) and Sapphire (female) became engaged. (Ruby proposed to Sapphire).

Logo called the duo “a fan-fave queer couple,” and the will-they won’t-they aspect of the relationship has been a highlight—and frequent source of angst—during the running of the show.

As IndieWire put it: “Ruby ended up asking for Sapphire’s hand in marriage. ‘This way we can be together even when we’re apart,’ Ruby said.”

According to Variety, GLAAD’s Jeremy Blacklow said that “Steven Universe has been at the forefront of teaching everyone—kids and adults alike—that love truly is what makes the universe operate.”