[Video] MondoHomo promo makes you want to adopt a puppy — and then go to its kickass fest


Oh, man. That TV commercial with Sarah McLachan singing in the background as the faces of dozens of very sad dogs needing to be adopted stare at you from behind their bars —   it just makes you want to kill yourself because you just can’t adopt all of them while you wait for “Dance Moms” to come back.

But there are other sad beings needed to be cared for and commercials being made for them, too. Like the queers.

Check out this fresh take on that pitiful puppy commerical by Harvey Katz of Athens Boys Choir, a man on a mission to ensure there are no sad, lonely queers in Atlanta or the South over Memorial Day weekend because MondoHomo returns to Atlanta May 24-27.

“Every year helpless queers and allies sit at home longing for a queer indy arts festival. Lets stop the senseless loss of badass good times,” Katz says as he cuddles with a puppy who has a home.

“After all, Rick Santorum may become president and I hear 2012 may not end so well.”