Watch: ‘Rent Live’ Brings Back OBC for Finale Song

Fox’s “Rent: Live” paid tribute to the 1996 original Broadway cast by bringing the group on stage to perform the musical’s iconic song “Seasons of Love” to close out the show.

Ironically, “Rent: Live” aired primarily pre-recorded footage from its Saturday dress rehearsal instead of the live musical version. The live version was scrapped last minute after Brennin Hunt (Roger) broke his foot during the Saturday rehearsal.

The show went live for the first time all night during the last act of “Finale B” with Hunt propped in a chair as he belted out the final song.

Afterwards, the original Broadway cast came on stage to perform “Seasons of Love” and stood with their respective characters as they sang. Despite mixed reviews of the show, the ending seemed to be a fan favorite.

Story courtesy of the Washington Blade.